A Little Snarl


Goes a long way.

Mark Stuart

Led by Shawn Thornton and Mark Stuart, the Boston Bruins showed some real hometown nastiness last night and drove the team to a Old School 4-2 Boston Garden Beat Down of the first place Buffalo Sabres. Fantastic to see the team deliver on what fans have been craving in all areas; scoring, agression and emotion. I’ve always maintained that they are at their best when they play like this.

Thornton took things into his own hands with two great scraps, vs. Steve Montador and Paul Gaustad respectively. Both are available on the B’s fight video page, along with Caveman Mark Stuart having just about enough of Jochen Hecht’s stick work.

It was an excellent night for thumping around the league in general as Eric Godard and Jody Shelley went in a pretty nice throw down and Arron Asham and Cam Janssen gave us a true classic. All can be viewed on the NHL fight page.

Does the heart good to see things get fiery like that. if the Bruins can do that on a more regular basis (and not have prolonged droughts like the past five game stretch) it will go a long way toward their success this season. I truly believe that.

Keep slugging, boys.


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