New Cyclones, Old Look


Last night in Cincinnati, the ECHL Cyclones donned throwback uniforms to beat the Toledo Walleye (yes, Walleye) 5-2 in front of 10,000 rabid Hockey folks. The jerseys harken back to the sweaters worn when the first Cyclones franchise joined the East Coast Hockey League back in 1990.

Although the following video doesn’t have audio, I invite you to crank up AC/DC’s Thunderstruck and enjoy the scoring highlights, a quick fight, and the most violent resolution to a game of musical chairs that you’ll ever see.


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One Response to “New Cyclones, Old Look”

  1. Ken Socrates Says:

    I love it. Some nice goals in there, including one of the longest ENG’s I’ve ever seen. They should spice up the Musical Chairs event by giving the contestants gladiator weapons.

    The attendance, by the way, is just a couple fans short of the average for the Phoenix Coyotes. When you’re barely outdrawing the ECHL, your NHL lease is up. Get hockey out of the desert!

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