These are the facts.

The Bruins have been shut out two games in a row, 1-0 to the Rangers and 2-0 to the Red Wings.

The Bruins have the worst rated power play in the entire NHL.

The Bruins have two players they were counting on to score goals, Michael Ryder and Marco Sturm, who spend the ends of close games sitting on the bench while the team is scrambling desperately to score a goal before the buzzer sounds.

The Bruins have gone four games without a fight.

These are the facts. And they are not in dispute.

Not good, folks.

Tonight they face the Montreal Canadiens at home and, given the heated aspects of this rivalry over the years and the way it blossomed again last season, one hopes it will be exactly the medicine the team needs to produce some more passionate play which, one hopes, will translate into some numbers on the scoreboard that are not so perfectly round as they have been.

The team has, by the way, recalled Mikko Lehtonen on an emergency basis for tonight’s game, suggesting an as yet undisclosed injury to one of the forwards in the line-up against Detroit.

Either that or they’re just grasping at straws for anyone who can put the puck in the net.

Let me sharpen my skates.

I might be next.


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