Blue Jackets Bleeding Green


The Hamilton Blue Jackets.

The Kansas City Blue Jackets.

The Bleu Vestes de Quebec.

How do those names strike ya? One of those noms could become a reality if the monetary woes the Blue Jackets suffer from go unfixed. Back in May, you may remember that the Jackets were looking for ways to close on an $80-million gap in their books. Today, the Columbus Dispatch rattles the cage with dreary news that a Jackets-less Cow Town could be imminent if a solution isn’t found.

Naturally, this means going to Franklin County voters with Union caps in hand.

As hard on the Jackets as I was at the end of last season’s one-shot playoff collapse, and news that the front office was spiking the broadcasting punch, it would be a great blow to myself and thousands of Blue Jackets fans. Most of us have been there since Day 1. We embraced the team. We endured the likes of Robert Kron, Radim Bicanek, and Lyle “Slodeilen” Odelien. We mourned when Tyler Wright was sent to Anaheim. We seethed when Adam Foote manufactured the trade that got him back to the Divelanche. We love our captain, Rick Nash. We have a frikkin’ cannon in our arena. We have a frikkin’ Hockey bar. We have one of the most active forums on HFBoards.

In short, to lose this team would be devastating to us.

An added extra wrinkle is the effects from Tuesday’s elections when Ohio OKed casino gambling. Some are already wondering how the Arena District area where the Blue Jackets play will be affected.

This story is long from over, of course. There are a lot of variables here. Will Columbus and Franklin County support the Jackets? Can the Jackets renegotiate the lease so as to get revenue from parking and all that? Will NHL commissioner Gary Bettman be as fervent to keep the Jackets in Columbus as he is in keeping the Coyotes in Phoenix or as he was in keeping the Penguins in Pittsburgh? Only time will tell. But the best we can do as fans is continue to Carry The Flag.


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One Response to “Blue Jackets Bleeding Green”

  1. Ken Socrates Says:

    Quebec City has got the go ahead to build a first class Arena up there but, in my mind, the prime candidate for the move would be the ‘Yotes. Get hockey out of the goddamn desert. Maybe a great season (which is alreay shaping up) and another step forward in the playoffs would go a long way towards cementing the franchise right where it is. We’s can only hope.

    Adam Foote blows shetland ponies.

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