Fight Videos Gone Wild


Just a quick explanation of how I manage and update the Fight Video pages here at HGW. Obviously, I rely heavily on the glorious as a primary resource. Really, there is little reason to look anywhere other than that vast, meticulously maintained, comprehensive repository of all things fight related in the world of hockey. The folks running the show over there are the best. Period.

Never mind the few pea-brained idiot Bruins haters that haunt the forums and the comments sections, it’s still the best place on Earth for those of us that appreciate the frozen pugilistic arts. I wouldn’t be here doing this without them so I owe them a neverending debt of gratitude.

Those of you frequent here (that means you, Mom) know that my goal is to include a video of every fight available from the Boston Bruins and the Providence Bruins. In the case of the P-Bruins, not every game is televised and video is not always readily available so we do the best we can.

When it comes to the NHL and AHL in general, however, I have to be more selective. I simply cannot, or would not, put up every fight out there. This, of course, is where I once again rely heavily on I try to watch all the bouts I can but the rating system there can be a huge help when time issues present themselves.

There is very little chance, for example, that a fight rated lower than 5.0 is going to get any love from me here. Fights in the 4.0 – 5.0 will get a look and maybe a mention if there is something remarkable about them, something odd or interesting. Otherwise, what I’m looking for is the really good stuff, the long, drawn out slugfests or knock-outs (though nothing featuring serious injury – that’s not my thing). The monster battles between two big heavyweights or the spirited melee’s between some feisty smaller guys.

And brawls, of course. Any actual brawl is going to get a look. This is Slapshot country, too, let’s not forget.

So that’s how it works. I’m always looking for input, so comments and e-mails are welcome. If you’ve seens something I might have overlooked, by all means give me a holler and we’ll get right on it.

Meanwhile, enjoy.


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