Bearing Down


It’s been a tumultuous week for the Bruins. The rollercoaster was at full speed for a bit there. One minute fans are being hit with the unpleasant news that major elements of team leadership and offense are going to be out for long stretches with serious injuries, the seeming next we’re being treated to improbable victories and inspired hockey from what looks like a patchwork lineup.

Give the team credit, though. Since Savard and Lucic were put on IR and all the trades and call ups went down they have pulled themselves together and started playing some of their best hockey of the season, working hard, working together, figuring it all out. They have gotten 5 out of 6 points in the last three, the topper being a fantastic come from behind victory up in Ottawa where they scored 2 goals with the goalie pulled in the final 90 seconds of the game and then won it in the shoot-out.

Hey, there were even three fights in the game. Life is good.

Julien has figured out how to mesh the various new components in his line-up quite well here. Brad Marchand, speedy, hard working, feisty, has fit in quite well and provided a spark. Daniel Paille is also fast and seems re-energized by his escape from Buffalo. Both spending time on the PK and skating welle on separate lines. David Krejci and Patrice Bergeron have both stepped up their game to fill in for the loss of Savard.

It doesn’t hurt that Tim Thomas has been on fire, either. The Tank is rounding into shape, whatever that means for a guy built like a particularly sturdy mailbox. Never mind how he looks or his style, though, because the man can bring it and when he’s hot we all know there might not be a better goaltender in the entire league. Lord knows Vezina voters didn’t think so last season and it looks like the quest for number two is finally under way.

They just seem more like a team now. On the same page and other relevant cliches. It bodes well that we might, ay some point, see the team that finished first overall in the East last season and comes into this year with similarly high expectations. If only the schedule makers (isn’t the schedule supposed to be compressed for the Olympics?) hadn’t given the team so many of these prolonged gaps between games. Currently they will not play until Thursday, another four day layoff, this one coming at a time the team and it’s fans would like nothing more than to stay in regular action.

One hopes will not kill any of the momentum gained this past weekend.



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