Bruins: Game 3


Anaheim Ducks at TD Garden, Boston.

Well, this one was unpleasant to watch.

After the Bruins stormed out of the gate on Thursday night against Anaheim and landed 19 shots on Jonas Hiller in the first period alone, you would have thought safe in assuming we were about to see a repeat of the effort against the Hurricanes last saturday that resulted in such a resounding victory for the B’s.

Not the case.

The Ducks bounced back hard in the second period and completely took over the game with hustle, strong one-on-one play and superior goaltending. The Bruins offense was quickly and easily flustered and, disturbingly, seemed to lose their confidence in a matter of minutes. The fierce play, the hitting, and most notable the power play were all Absent Without Leave from the 21st minute of the game onward, despite a small display of hustle and physicality in the third when Claude Julien changed up his lines for shakeup effect.

In the end, when the grinding line of Steve Begin, Shawn Thornton and Byron Bitz are the starting unit on the PP, you know things aren’t looking good. The message from the coach: Get Thine Head Out of Thine Ass.

I really don’t have any highlights to share because I’m not a Ducks fan. Suffice to say there was a lot of people missing in action in this one, notably everyone who’s job it is to provide offense from either a forward or defense position. Savard is just not an effective power play quarterback right now. Michael Ryder, once again, seems completely invisible. Dennis Wideman seems like a waste of a uniform out there. I single them out because they first come to mind but the list could go on and include 21 names.

Tuuka Rask is probably the only one immune to scorn in this one and that’s only because he spent all 60 minutes of it on the bench.

Methinks that might not be the case next game, however. Julien needs a shake up and Shawn Thornton on the power play only has so much shame factor.

It’s Tukka Time.


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