Looch Gets Paid


The Boston Bruins have signed Milan Lucic, the 21 year old bruising left wing that is quickly becoming the face of the franchise and a cult hero in the town, to a 3 year, $12.25 million dollar extension that will keep him in Black and Gold until at least the 2012-13 season.

I guess the Phil Kessel trade makes more and more sense as we go, eh?

GM Peter Chiarelli had some choices to make amongst his cadre of young talent and the choices are now clear. Lucic, in only his third professional season as we speak, has already proven his value to the team to the extent that they are rewarding him with financial security nearly unprecedented to a young player in a Bruin’s uniform. Let’s not forget the days when Cam Neely, ’round about 1994, a veteran 50 goal scorer, was still expected to sing for his supper outside the Garden.

The times they are a changin’, for sure. Be glad Harry Sinden is no longer running the Bruins, Looch. Be very glad.

In all seriousness, the signing certainly shows the New Bruin philosophy toward their talent and, in turn, their commitment to winning. They have identified Lucic as a valuable cog in that machine, with his punishing physicality, burgeoning talent and clear leadership abilities key elements to their future success.

We here at HGW cannot argue.

The drinks are on Gino!


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