Bruins: Game 2


Carolina Hurricanes at TD Garden, Boston.

Now this one was more like it.

There was little doubt that the Bruins would be up for their Saturday night match against the Carolina Hurricanes, the team that so ingloriously knocked them out of the playoffs last spring. Of course, one would have thought they’d be up for their home opener against the Caps, too, but we saw how that turned out.

With that in mind, fans showed up at the Garden with a sort of Show Me attitude and expectations that the team might show them a little more of what Boston fans expect from their black and gold.

The team delivered in a big way with a resounding, scrum filled 7-2 victory that sent everyone home buzzing and beaming.


Seven goals from seven different scorers, including a great effort from the fourth line that paid off in a score for hard working tough guy Shawn Thornton who, for the second straight game, threw down in the third period, this time making former B Andrew Alberts answer for his role in a second period free for all that started with his cross check to the back of Marco Sturm.

Said scrum, which showed us that all for one attitude that we here believe was a hallmark of the team’s success last year. Marc Savard was first in after Alberts hit Sturm and the pile up went from there. At the end there was the image of Tom Kostopolous clutching onto Zdeno Chara’s legs (must have picked up the art of turtling in Montreal) in desperation to avoid a Big Z pummeling.

The fight between Milan Lucic and Jay Harrison, featured below, saw Looch bloodying a second straight opponent, something the rest of the league must surely be taking note of at this point. There are going to be fewer and fewer dance partners, outside of the heavyweight category, for the kid as time goes on. It’s going to beg an interesting question. Is there any point in such a valuable young player wasting his time with fourth line pugilists who have infinitely more to gain and so much less to lose in such a confrontation? He’s shown an ability to pick his spots so far and we have to hope that continues. This, by the way, is a subject that beggars a more in depth article, which will have to produce at some point here.

We do, after all, live to serve.

As good as the offense looked, Thomas and his defenders looked equally up to the task, especially when killing penalties. Let us remember what strengths such elements were from last season and always have been under Claude Julien coached teams. Some things, it seems, haven’t changed.

In any case, it’s too early in the season to get overly excited about a victory like this one, as dramatic as it may have been, or to get too down about a loss like the opener, however disappointing. Someone did point out to me, though, the Bruins record after two games last season.


Long way to go however you slice it but a good feeling to see what we expected to see come to life on the ice. Leaves us wanting for more, that much is certain.

Only drawback to the game: No topless girls in the balcony, that I know of.

Guess you can’t have everything.


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