Bruins: Game 1


Washington Capitals at TD Garden in Boston.

Ovie vs. The Tank

Not pretty would be the operative term to describe this one and I’m not just describing the face of a certain No. 8 for the Caps who, almost as much as the Bruins themselves, was the main reason the hometown faithful went home disappointed last night.

I’m not sure I can flat out say the effort wasn’t there, despite the sleepy effect the game had on my enthusiasm for Opening Night, which, right up to the drop of the puck, was as electric as ever. The feeling was one of extreme hunger, a sense that there was unfinished business left on the table after last year’s heartbreaking finish. Expectations were high (still are) and I was chomping at the bit to see my team come out and get to work.

Well, there was some buzz at the beginning, it being the opener at home and all, but it didn’t last much longer than it took the smoke from the introductions to clear off. The Capitals took the game over with the first goal and never looked back. The Bruins, on the other hand, never seemed to get on the same page and, apart from a few minor highlights, delivered a surprisingly flat performance.

Points of interest:

The top line just didn’t gel. Mark Savard himself made reference between periods to the fact that he and Marco Sturm have never played together before and there looked to be little chemistry last night. On Savard’s left side, Milan Lucic seemed to be working hard but not finding any magic and, a couple of times, reminded folks that his hands are a whole lot better at hammering faces than a feathering soft passes to teammates.

David Krejci looked surprisingly good but his linemates were listless. Sometimes I feel like Michael Ryder is a maddening player to watch. When he’s not “on” he looks so innefective it’s frustrating. I also found myself wondering which Blake Wheeler we’ll see this year. The one from the beginning of last year, who showed speed, scoring touch and solid defensive presence, or the one from the end who was getting benched in favor of Byron Bitz. Krejci, meanwhile, while showing a minute bit of rust, still looked better than a lot of his teammates who had had a full training camp to get ready.

Patrice Bergeron, who scored the B’s lone goal in the 3rd, was a consistent bright spot. Working hard, getting in the mix. I believe he’s in for a great season.

Tim Thomas looked human and the voice in my head (y’know, the one that’s always screaming for Double Stuffed Oreos and porn) was hinting at how nice it might be to see Tukka Rask get a start soon. That’s pretty unfair to a Vezina Trophy winner with one game under his belt in the season, but that’s how voices in your head are, right?

Nothing special from the defense one way or the other. It wasn’t like they played poorly against Ovechkin and pals but they just seemed to lose him at key moments. Derek Morris did little to either impress or disappoint. Dennis Wideman, meanwhile, just isn’t inspiring faith that he will ever be worth the price of Brad Boyes.

Yes, since you asked, two girls did get topless in the balcony of the Garden and made out with each other. If you’re looking for titilation of that sort, check here. The folks in that section went home happy, at least.

There was one fight, as well. At the end of a shift, Shawn Thornton took out some frustration on John Erskine in a decent little scrap that gave the faithful a teeny bit of what they had come hoping to see. Video here.

Let’s hope there will be more on Saturday when the Hurricanes come to town. If they can’t get up for that one, we may have to get ugly here.

Either that or just buy our tickets in the balcony from now on.


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