The Kessel Run


Phil Kessel

Salary dump or great deal? The debate will go on for a while but the news that many have been expecting has finally arrived.

Phil Kessel is a Maple Leaf.

The Boston Bruins have traded their leading goal scorer from a year ago, a season that saw him an important part of a team that finished first overall in the Eastern Conference, to Toronto for a pair of first round picks and a second. The Leafs have immediately signed him to a five year, $27 millon dollar contract, something the B’s had been unwilling or unable to do all summer. Having already signed David Krejci to a new 3-year $11.25 million dollar deal, there was little space for Kessel’s hefty paycheck, forcing them to make a difficult talent vs. salary decision between the two youngsters.

It would seem that David Krejci won out.

Critics of the move will likely want some serious answers to their doubts and questions. How can you trade away potential bonafide sniper at age 21? How can you not get a decent, proven prospect in return? Why did you spend $3.3 million dollars on Derek Morris when that’s a role Matt Hunwick is chomping at the bit to fill and has the ready skill to do it? Why resign 74 year old Mark Recchi? Refrain from either of those moves and you’re damn close to being able to swing Kessel.

Just saying, 36 goals in the NHL when you’re barely out of your teens in not too shabby. He’s improved every year. If I said he was going to score 45 at some point before he hits 25, you wouldn’t accuse me of being back on the pipe, would you?

Maybe the Bruins think he’s Joe Juneau. Maybe he’s Brad Boyes, though. A genuine goal-scorer and those are still pretty hard to find in this league.

We shall see.


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