Back In Beantown


I have returned.

“And you are?” I imagine you saying.

Rightly so. It has been a prolonged absence, I admit, and inexcusable. Though the hockey events of the summer have not been that dramatic or compelling, there is still a gap in coverage from the HGW perspective that has no doubt left a gaping hole in the hearts and minds of thousands of readers hungry for the blood and guts approach that is the hallmark of our coverage of the game.

For that, dear friends, I apologize.

Bear in mind however that the way my beloved Bruins fell to the Carolina Fucking Hurricanes on a game seven overtime goal by Scott Fucking Walker caused the sort of emotional trauma and mental instability that only an extended period of time on a secluded tropical island surrounded by topless native girls can truly soothe.

Healing, folks. It was what I needed.

So now we’re back, with a vengeance. Training camp is under way and the pre-season is not far off. The 2009-10 season is in motion and the enthusiasm and hope begins to burn once again.

There will be much to discuss, of course. The Phil Kessel situation. The Dany Heatley trade. The assemblage of rosters and the ever entertaining pre-season fight card.

The motherhumpin’ Winter Classic at Fenway Park, for chrissakes. Oh, yeah.

We’ll dive right in to it all, I assure you.

So forgive our hiatus, if you will, true believers and I promise you we will serve you faithfully once again here, with regularity and a furious enthusiasm sure to frighten the faint of heart or anyone from Montreal.

Bring it on, bitches!


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