Separating Toughies From Phonies


THN hightlights a blog post this morning from ECHL Idaho Steelheads player Justin Bourne. Bourne, son of Islanders winger Bob Bourne, knows his role. He’s a skater, he’s there to score, and he appreciates the tough guy. But he laments the development of a new style of “pest” in the league:

There has been an increase in the irritating breed of “the pest.” The fans love the pest – blindly loving the “competitiveness” of their own fireball, while cursing his twin brother on the other team. If the pest is smart and disciplined in his antagonism, coaches love him, too. They’re fun to have on your team, provided he’s not the type that leaves you shorthanded all game like the media-magnificent Sean Avery.

But I don’t like this recent evolution; a new breed of rat that can smell a linesman coming like a piece of gouda and then suddenly grows a foot taller.

Like Justin, I detest these sorts of phonies, too. These are the pusilanimous chickens who give a good facewash when there’s a guy in stripes holding the other guy back. And we’ve been seeing a lot of facewashing this post-season. Some suggest it’s because the players aren’t sure what the refs consider roughing and what they consider a fight — inconsistency. Others just do it because they know in five seconds, a linesmen is going to intercede and things’ll get settled down for a faceoff.

Way to represent, chickens. Grit is needed, especially in the playoffs but this sort of lowly shin-kicking is beneath the sport of Hockey. Either play tough 100% or go back to Europe.

As an added extra bonus, who does Bourne hold up as the ultimate true tough guy? It’s HGW’s Patron Saint himself, Milan Lucic.

For the Boston Bruins, a guy like Milan Lucic has been no phony. He mows guys over, jaws at them and if they’d like to fight, he punches them in their face for free. I can’t think of someone I’d rather play against less.

I say, take that, wannabes!


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One Response to “Separating Toughies From Phonies”

  1. Ken Says:

    Those new breeds of rats have names, many of which appear on the backs of bleu, blanc et rouge jerseys. Names like Mike Komisarek, Josh Gorges and Maxim Lapierre, the latter a man who fills his gloves with quick bond epoxy before every game to make sure they could never possibly come off.

    And how about Looch, eh? 20 years old there’s already guys saying they want to be like him when they grow up.

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