Donald Brashear: Goon


The term Goon is an ugly one. A lot of folks, especially us here at HGW, who adore and enjoy tough hockey abhor the term. It suggests a stupid, one dimensional cartoon character of an athelete who is not so much a Hockey Player as he is a WWF wannabe.

Most tough guys in the NHL are not like that; they play by a code, they respect other players, they fill what I believe is an essential role on a team that consists of strong team leadership, protection for skilled players, grinding, hitting and emotional inspiration when necessary. Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins is a great example. He’s smart, agressive, has enough skill to anchor a very valuable fourth line that can contribute to a successful playoff team and knows when to fight and when not to. Nothing about the term “goon” apllies to him whatsoever. He plays the game right.

Then there’s Donald Brashear.

Who is nothing but Goon.

Witness his ridiculous cheap shot (video) on Blair Betts in today’s Game Six of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals between the Rangers and Capitals. A premeditated blow to the head intended to injure and incapacitate a player. The kind of hit that and jeopordize a man’s career through the horrors of post-concussion syndrome and the like.

Five minute major and match penalty? Nope. Incident to be reviewed by the league and possible suspension? Let’s hope so.

This is the kind of action that brings a bad name to tough hockey players everywhere. This is the sort of crap that has the league looking at putting further restrictions on fighting next season and, when you see it, how can a guy argue? It’s nothing to do with the rugged, in your face style of hockey that we adore here.

It’s Goonism, pure and simple.

I hate having to say that. I hate having to use that word but in this case, no other term will suffice. Donald Brashear, the man whose fighting style has nicknamed him “Huggy Bear”, is an embarrassment to his sport, his team and, specifically, the role he is supposed to play on the ice with that team.

Get rid of him.

He won’t be missed.


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3 Responses to “Donald Brashear: Goon”

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    […] in the NHL Playoffs. In fact, some would deem it essential to winning, but the actions of Brashear, as stated previously, are not tough hockey and they have no place in an honest, hard-hitting playoff […]

  2. Preseason Opener in NY « Hockey Gone Wild Says:

    […] disgusting cheap shot on Blair Betts in the first round of last year’s playoffs. Certainly, we remember what sort of goon Huggy Bear is. Don’t let him off the hook, Blueshirt […]

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