One Punch Knockout


Take a long, delicious look at the above picture. It perfectly summarizes the entirety of the Boston Bruins first round playoff match-up with the Montreal Canadiens which ended last night in a no-doubter style 4-1 win for the Man’s Team.

In the photo you can clearly see the result of mentally and physically foundering Montreal defenseman Mike Komisarek’s ill advised decision to square off once again with Bruin’s left wing Milan Lucic near the end of the second period. So ill advised, in fact, that you can see in the video, as the two come together, Lucic actually hesitating, chuckling, as if to say, “Are you sure you want to do this again?”

About a second later it was over as the man they call “Gino” landed one sqaure, clean right to the jaw of Komisarek and he went flailing to the ice yet again.

One punch was all it took.

Which is pretty much how the entire series went from a Boston perspective. Like Komisarek, the Canadiens never had any business going up against a team so far their superior, so much better at those things that lie at the heart of good, old fashioned hockey: skill, desire, toughness and an unwillingness to quit.

Komisarek and the Canadiens, however, know all too much about Quit. They seemed to have one foot out the door whenever adversity struck in the series and it struck often. Their fans know all about Quit as they practiced the art of leaving early to beat the traffic in both games at the Molson Centre.

Before they slunk off into the night with their tail between their legs, however, they once again revealed the miserable nature of what makes them such Drama Queens. When the score became 4-1, like petulant little whiners, they quit on their team and decided to rain mock cheers and boos down upon struggling 21 year old goalie Carey Price. It was a moment of astonishing embarrassment for all in the hockey world who observed it.

Have they really become so hockley dumb up there? Have they really lost that much perspective on what this game is all about? I think so. It would be sad if it wasn’t so much goddamned fun.

So now the Bruins move on and the Habs become a small footnote in their quest for Lord Stanley’s magnificent hardware. Their second round opponent is yet to be decided but there is a strong indication it might be yet another close, bitter rival uniformed in red and blue.

Oh, yeah. Guess who’s coming to town?

S’okay. Gino needs a new punching bag.


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2 Responses to “One Punch Knockout”

  1. Emily Says:

    If your Bruins end up taking on the Rangers, it will be up to your boys to take those pansies out of the running. Seriously, I do not want that SON OF A BITCH’S name on the frickin’ Stanley Cup. Ovechkin, the so-called greatest hockey player in the world, apparently can’t pull it off, even with all the help he’s got. The task falls on the shoulders of Boston. Do it for hockey fans everywhere.

  2. Game One, You Fuckers « Hockey Gone Wild Says:

    […] One Punch Knockout […]

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