Frontier Justice


Eastern Conference Quarterfinals Game Two, Boston Bruins vs. Montreal Canadiens at TD Banknorth Garden in Boston.

So, on to the second chapter in the story. After the developments and controversy of the way things concluded in the first game, I would expect the Bruins to come out with a bit more intensity and emotion than they initially showed in that first game. They managed a 4-2 win but did so without playing their best game. There were tenative moments and one would hope to see more of the brash confidence that made the team so successful in the regular season.

Let’s face it, they are a far superior team than the Habs could ever dream of being and I, for one, would like to see them show it handily tonight at the Garden.

Now, bear in mind, they have nothing to prove to the fans or to the Canadiens physically. That last regular season game they played against them, in which Montreal players acted like frightened petite fleurs in various confrontations with Bruins players was about all one needed to see to understand that it’s not just talent that the B’s have in spades over the Habs, it’s balls. The Bruins have dominated them physically all season long so, as I say, there’s little more to prove in that department.


Certain people need to answer for their actions in that last game via the time honored Code that exists in the NHL. The following players, if they are to shed their weak, girlish images, need to answer the bell like Men. If they remember how.

Mike Komisarek aka The Turtle. After the humiliating beating he took from Milan Lucic that knocked him out of the line-up for weeks earlier int he season to the way he backed down and outright turtled against Shawn Thornton and Zdeno Chara, he is someone that the hockey world as a whole has lost every last shred of respect for.

To add to it, his catty eye-gouging of little Matt Hunwick at the end of Game One showed even more depth to his obvious cowardly nature. Has there even been a guy that big, at 6-5 240, that has played so small and refused to answer the bell so consistently? Is there a player in the entire league who plays the game inside such a huge shadow of fear as he does? I can’t think of one.

Tom Kostopoulos aka Beer League Wannabe. A career 4th liner without the actual resume that many 4th liners have in terms of grinding abiltity, toughness, defense and the odd goal or two, he remains a mystery to many in terms of why he dresses for any games at all in the NHL, given his astonsihing dearth of skill. Perhaps he has compromising pictures of Bob Gainey stashed in a hidden location. Perhaps the photos include himself.

In any case, the attempted elbow thrown at the head of Matt Hunwick (a 5-11, 190 lb. offensive defenseman) again violates the essense of the code and basic manly play. Perhaps a waning career as a middleweight punching bag has left him bitter and wanting to hurt young players with an actual future in the league, who knows. He escaped suspension for it but methinks he might not escape justice at the hands of, say, someone like Mark Stuart, given the right timing. Of course, Tom has to be willing and that is always a question for a player like that.

Mathieu Schneider aka The NHL’s Most Effeminate Defenseman. No one seems to have notice his attempted spear on Marc Savard near the end of the last game, though you may have noticed Savvy’s willingness to drop the gloves and Schneiders shrieking, womanly fear of doing so. You’d think a veteran like that would have been in a scrum or two in his life and not have to resort to using his stick to keep himself safe. I dunno, I guess you do what you have to when a monster like Savard is coming at you. A girl’s gotta protect herself in a situation like that.

Bottom line: The Bruins should come out and show everyone who’s Boss tonight and, if the opportunity presents itself, maybe show the Bleu, Blanc et Rougettes what Real Men on Skates look like.

Might be some wet undies in the Habs’ locker room when it’s all said and done.


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